Serious credibility and proven product quality
built our customers’ trust

Serious credibility and proven product quality built our customers’ trust

The most effective marketing tools which we ever possesed till now is none other than our product itself. For years, Trisensa ceramics has been producing quality dinnerware, kitchenware, home decorations, drinkware, ceramic gifts, and even the home accessories such as rosters, soap crock, and water dispenser. Trisensa is knowned for its build quality and that led to continuous chain of word-of-mouth marketing that made us standing up in the ceramic industry in Indonesia.

Since its establishment in 1948, Trisensa is recognised not only in the local market, but internationaly as a manufacturer of high quality, beautiful tableware. We are one of only a handful of potteries where all production still takes place in back in the past days. Some modern techniques and technologies have helped Trisensa to become one of the most active manufacturer of ceramic products in Indonesia.

For decades Trisensa ceramics has been manufacturing
functional ceramics for everyday use.

Our understanding of ceramics as an art has inspired the beautiful glazes and the patterns applied to our stoneware. The artistic elements are conveyed through the shapes, textures and colors of our finished work. Good taste is certainly not the only thing Trisensa Ceramic are synonymous with. Our commitment to quality has also made us a major player in the ceramic industry. These qualities includes design, materials used, production, and of course pricing.


The Indonesian Clay

Trisensa ceramics uses what the earth has bestowed, the treasure - clay of Indonesia that will mould perfectly into our manufacturing process.

The Art of Craftmanship

Trisensa’s products are the expressions of truly bespoke craftsmen in the nation, Indonesia.

Exceptional Finish Quality

Trisensa Ceramics has unique, artistic design and unrivaled in quality.

The Quality Process of Trisensa ceramics

Trisensa ceramics provides sophisticated and artistic contemporary designed products, designed by our team of creative professionals. Trisensa can help customers to find the right product or cater to any specific custom request. Let’s have a meet-up together and talk about all your requirements.

Contact our representative at
+62 31 531 8011 or email us at trisensa@gmail.com